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Penny Arcade - PATV - First 15 – Bear Simulator

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imagePenny Arcade - PATV - First 15 – Bear Simulator

Gabe and Tycho play a game for 15 minutes and then judge it accordingly. This week they play Bear Simulator.

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  • prime_pmprime_pm Registered User regular
    So, does it in the woods?

  • dennisdennis aka bingley Registered User regular
    They didn't unlock that skill.

  • jerodastjerodast Registered User regular
    That was unbelievably more fascinating than I would've guessed. What a strange concept haha.

  • foodlefoodle Registered User regular
    edited July 2016
    Did some research on the game after seeing this segment. So despite the name, it's really billed as an adventure game where you just happen to be a bear. The one-man development shop ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, but was later discouraged by some bad YouTube reviews. However, it once again appears to be in active development with new updates relatively recently. The game seems to have a fair number of areas to explore and objects and pets/friends that you can bring back to your cave. If you can ignore the rough edges, it really looks fascinating. Might give it a shot on Steam.

    I really like First 15 much better than the segments with some of the other guys playing games, since I think Jerry and Mike have much funnier banter during the game. But I do wish they'd do more of a summary or final impression at the end of the segments.

    foodle on
  • ArbitraryDescriptorArbitraryDescriptor changed Registered User regular
    No! Go smell the thing! Stupid timer.

    God I am going to wind up buying this just to see what smell 1 does, aren't I?

  • emarecksaykayemarecksaykay Registered User regular
    Backed the game on Kickstarter, played many dozens of hours. It's a lot of fun, very large world to explore, and a ton of humor of a very unique sort. Too bad this video doesn't show any of the smelling, get out of the first little area, or see the game at night, but hey, it's First 15. It's hard to pin down in any one genre, but basically it's about exploring a world, discovering stuff, collecting things/achievements, and being a bear in an RPG sorta way. All you saw in this video was a part of the first subregion.

    I personally do think the game earns its "simulator" moniker, as being a real bear is not so different from wandering around, hunting and eating stuff, and that's what the gameplay is mostly about. I feel the game realistically portrays what it would be like to be this particular bear. This bear just happens to be living in a rather unusual place, where some stuff has happened, and accordingly this particular bear has to contend with some unique challenges. Somebody looking for a hardcore real world bear sim would probably be disappointed. I have my personal theories about the exact nature of some of the bear stats, as well, but I don't want to spoil any mysteries. Needless to say, human activity has probably had some effect.

    Last thing I'll add, just in case Mike and Jerry ever read this or anyone else is curious, the way to get under the cabin is to crawl down the chimney. It took me a while to figure that out, too.

    -mrxak, OMEGANAUT '09
    (You just say the letters)
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