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Relive the Stick Figure Glory Days [PC]

TubeTube Registered User admin
edited July 2016 in Indie Games
It's time to go Ballistick!

Did you watch those stick figure flash videos of the 2000's? Are you a fan of Newgrounds, Xiao Xiao, or Stick Death? If so, Ballistick is right up your alley. An homage to this generation of flash videos, Ballistick offers compelling 2D combat combined with tactical gameplay and hyper-realistic gun mechanics.

Infiltrate enemy strongholds
Massacre enemies with ten different weapons/gadgets
Stealth or guns blazing, you decide
Live the animations that you loved as a kid
Intensely realistic gore and gun mechanics
Manually add shells to your shotgun, drop the clip out of your M4, or toggle your safety

Relive the glory days of flash stick animation and kill some stick figures while you're at it.

To learn more about Ballistick or to download a free demo, please visit our IndieDB Page here:

Watch the trailer here:

Ballistick will be releasing on the Humble Store October 15th, 2016. If you would like to help us get on to Steam, please vote for us on Steam Greenlight here:




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    SleeperHoldSleeperHold Registered User regular
    I have said for years somebody could do something special with stick figures. On a bigger scale than this though, with lots of lighting effects.

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    Grunt's GhostsGrunt's Ghosts Registered User regular
    I haven't thought of Stick Death in years. I remember when it was the most "edgy" thing on the internet.

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    SleeperHoldSleeperHold Registered User regular
    Stick Death Man was easy to load 56K fun.

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