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Galactic Junk League

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Hello everyone

We're a game dev studio Pixel Federation and one of our titles is called Galactic Junk League an action MMO / Sandbox builder where player gets to design their own spaceship from quick frigates to lumbering battleships and than compete with other players in multiplayer space arenas.

The game is free to play now in the Open Alpha stage and we need as much testing and player feedback as possible. So if you like the game please give it a try - create your account and download the client on our [url=]Galactic Junk League[/url] web.

Open Alpha is available only for Windows users,but we are working hard to make sure that with the Beta release coming soon, we will include also Mac/Linux users.

You can check the first impressions of our players already on youtube:

And you can watch our ship construction tutorial here:

Here's a little backstory
What used to be a prosperous universe is now a post-apocalyptic rusty dump full of galactic junk. Savage arenas became the only amusement we have. To fight and destroy, we use all necessary means from super advanced beam weapons to makeshift torpedoes made from a rusty fridge.

Do not hesitate to leave us your feedback, so we can create even more entertaining and user friendly Beta.

Here are a few screenshots from the game:



  • SleeperHoldSleeperHold Registered User regular
    Looks great dude.

  • RutkyRutky Registered User new member
    Thanks, hopefully you will like the gameplay experience too :)

  • VirtualEarthOnline VirtualEarthOnline AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited December 2016
    This is an awesome idea for a game and looks brilliant. Can imagine kids and teenagers really going for the build your own spaceship then kick some butt idea. Best of luck with this.

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  • ziddersroofurryziddersroofurry Registered User regular
    I will for sure be checking this out. :)

  • inismonainismona Registered User new member
    Wow! Look kinda good

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