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Changing Excel VBA to VBS

halkunhalkun Registered User regular
Not sure of this is the place to put this...
So at work I wrote a slick app in excel using VBA. Sadly when I submitted it to our compliance people, they said because it was a macro, I couldn't deploy this really useful thing to our team. I was told I can write it as a VBS script and call excel, and that would be OK... But looking at VBS I'm missing some pretty bare-bones functionality. The big one is creating forms. I can seem to call Excel VBA calls, but that's no good if I can't make a form first. Any ideas on how to pull this off?

halkun on


  • JustforspiteJustforspite Registered User regular
    I've done a bit of VBA work with Excel and Word but this is a tough one. For starters trying to research this is going to be hard as most results will default to thinking you want VBA instead of VBS. Any chance you could write it in something else as a standalone app that does all of the user input/forms etc and then creates an Excel file after handling all of the UI?

    Thanks to @pkkaos for the awesome avatar!
  • halkunhalkun Registered User regular
    I actually was able to accomplish this. The conversion was easier then I thought and was able to use the normal input dialog box as input and generated a webpage as output.

    The languages are almost exactly the same, save for some object management.

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