Penny Arcade - PATV - Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series – Episode 08

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imagePenny Arcade - PATV - Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series – Episode 08

Welcome to the pilot season full of new Acquisition Incorporated adventures, filmed on-location in an actual basement, delivered episodically for your amusement.Listen to the podcast.

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    cynnicysmcynnicysm Registered User regular
    SURPRISE FINISH! ....giggety

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    SpacemanSpiff867SpacemanSpiff867 Registered User new member
    Was this the end of the season?, They said the end of Part 1, does that mean part 2 picks up next week or next year?

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    ATF_GriffATF_Griff Registered User regular
    part 2 is gonna be at a PAX right?

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    yurnamehereyurnamehere Registered User regular
    On Chris Perkins's twitter he said that Season 1 was filmed over two nights, and it seems like Part 1 was just the first night.

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    Desert LeviathanDesert Leviathan Registered User regular
    Interesting. If part 2 is similar in length, and this story leads into the next PAX session, the next four episodes will have to be double the length? Or they'll add a second release per week?

    Realizing lately that I don't really trust or respect basically any of the moderators here. So, good luck with life, friends! Hit me up on Twitter @DesertLeviathan
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    SeeJay08SeeJay08 Registered User new member
    I honestly cannot wait for more of this. I love all the PATV shows and The First 15 once a week in addition to this is a great weekly treat to look forward to. I think they will continue to release them, mainly because one as a live show won't be able to be as in depth story wise. While still funny, this is a bit more serious of a game.

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