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edited December 2016 in Pinny Arcade
Greetings earthlings,

For those who didn't meet me at South this year (or haven't had the pleasure of bs-ing around with us on Slack), my name is Ren and I'm one of your Pinny Panelists for PAX West 2016!

I've only been collecting since January of this year, but I was chosen for the panel as a representative of new pin collectors and/or people new to our wonderful community.

I hope to use my panel time to share helpful hints and stories from my first few months as a Pinny Pal, but I'd like to share your Pinny newbie stories as well!

I've created this newbie feedback form to give me a better idea of the Pinny Arcade newbie experience as a whole.

➡️➡️ ⬅️⬅️

Please only complete the form if you've been in the hobby 12 months or less--a forum handle is required so I know it isn't Fish filling out the thing 30 times, but all other questions are optional and will remain anonymous, even if referenced during the panel.

Thanks in advance for your feedback! I look forward to meeting/seeing you all at West in a month

Renfamous on


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