Travel: Uber-like Bus service now open in TX cities

ahstoddardahstoddard President-kidnapping NinjaHouston-ishRegistered User regular
They just started operating in Texas yesterday after expanding out from CA, but the Site/App is called Shofur shofur.com/

Looks to have service between the major Texas cities, where I assume there will be a large number of attendees travelling from. If you have a LARGE group, you can charter a bus all your own.



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    StinkyTurdStinkyTurd Registered User regular
    Sadly still more expensive then greyhound :( though I'm sure much nicer.

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    ahstoddardahstoddard President-kidnapping Ninja Houston-ishRegistered User regular
    Yeah, I probably should have looked first, since it seems to be three times at much, and they would have to be REALLY nice to make up the price difference.

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