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Console Tourney and Streaming to Twitch?

SpuddicusSpuddicus Registered User new member

I am a five-year veteran of PAX PrimeWest but I've never participated in one of the Console Tourneys before. This year I've been somewhat involved in the Pokken community though and I saw that it is being played on Friday. I intend to compete in it, but I was also curious, are these tournaments often streamed? I looked around on the forums and google but I couldn't find any indication of it. I feel like a lot of people within our community would tune in for that, and it also happens to be the week after the World Championships for the game, so some people might be interested in watching some additional competitive play.

I noticed there's some footage of Smash Bros. Melee/4 from PAX on Youtube last year and I was kinda wondering if that was part of the console tourney or if they did the whole thing separately from the main event. I'd be more than happy to bring my laptop and capture card if this is something in the realm of possibility, but would like to know in advance whether it's something that's typically accepted or not.

Thanks in advance for any information you can offer!


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    AshrackAshrack Enforcer Deputy Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Hello - veteran enforcer here, and yet I am in NO WAY an authority on this subject. I offer my own thoughts but I would continue checking on rules and feasibility before implementing. There is streaming at PAX - however the typical issue is bandwidth, as no WIFI or Cell signal really survives the crush of devices at PAX, especially within the convention center. Hard lines exist but are quite expensive so limited to select opportunities. Video recordings are allowed generally - however blocking walkways and hallways and such is not - so just be aware of your surroundings. As for getting that signal out to the internet, that's another story and would require more serious arrangements.

    There are also a ton of tournament play that happens at PAX. Console runs tournaments, BYOC runs them, the big Omegathon tournament, the Arenas in Expo hall, handheld tournaments, and sometimes there are bigger tournaments in or around PAX like League of Legends or Halo. So capturing and streaming all of them isn't feasible. But if there's some action you like, by all means capture it! It's just the real-time streaming that is more of a logistical challenge.

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    SpuddicusSpuddicus Registered User new member
    Hey, thanks a ton for the information! I guess I'll probably bring my setup then just in case, even if just to record the matches to upload to Youtube later.

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