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Everyone Should Watch Blood Punch

Rorshach KringleRorshach Kringle that crustache lifeRegistered User regular
edited August 2016 in Singularity Engine++
hey. hi. hello.

it's everyone's favorite friend, rorshach kringle.

we need to talk about blood punch, and more importantly, why you should watch blood punch.

it is a movie written by power ranger writers and starring former power rangers. said power rangers are caught up in a meth scheme that turns into groundhog day, only with a lot more murder and a lot less of that becoming a better person bullshit.

here is a trailer

this film is probably my favorite of the past decade.. it takes its premise to every possible logical conclusion, and then up and pulls the rug out from under you with a swerve.

it's the exact opposite of predictable, and just a twisted delight.

currently it is streaming, for free on the amazon prime video service and also on the hulu plus.

you should take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to see one of the best genre films of the decade.

and after you watch it, you can enjoy this blooper reel. or maybe even before. bloopers are the best thing.

Rorshach Kringle on


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