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PAX Flight Layover Gatherings

ReydienReydien Registered User regular
edited August 2016 in PAX West
Since a lot of folks are going to be flying in from all over, it seems inevitable that some of us are going to have layovers in the same airports while waiting for the same final legs of our flights. That seems like a golden opportunity to get the party started early: make new friends, compare PAX notes and stories, and in general pass the time more favorably.

So, if you have a particularly long layover in the middle of your flight, post here and hopefully someone might find a buddy to hang out with. It's a long shot, but no harm in trying! For example, my layover:

Airport: San Francisco (SFO)
Date: Thursday, September 1
Arrival: 10:00am PDT
Departure: 1:26pm PDT
Connecting Flight: UA820 to Sea-Tac
More Information: First time PAX Attendee, flying solo and would love to not have to pass 3 hours alone in an airport. Planning on bringing a copy of Love Letter, possibly one or two other small board games.

Reydien on


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    wolfemancswolfemancs Registered User regular
    I'm local, so no layover for me. . . but you might want to include the date of your flight as well. . . just in case it's useful for planning.


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    ReydienReydien Registered User regular
    That is a very good point, thanks. Updated!

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    RILMSRILMS North BayRegistered User regular
    I will be in the Houston Airport tomorrow (Aug 31st) from 8am to 9:30am (CST) if anyone will be around. I have a direct flight to Seattle from there on United.

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    The AviatrixThe Aviatrix Registered User regular
    edited August 2016
    To all future posts:

    Don't forget to include your airline!

    Some airports will let you move between terminals without leaving the secured area, but many will not. Depending on the airline/airport, different airlines may or may not be in the same terminal. So even if people are different airlines, there's still a chance they may be able to meet :P

    The Aviatrix on
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    ZeusheroZeushero PAX -E-ast Registered User regular
    I have a layover tomorrow August 31 from 2pm to 3pm at SLC via Delta.

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    aurabotaurabot Registered User new member
    Airport: Houston (IAH)
    Date: Thursday, September 1
    Arrival: 8 A.M. CST
    Departure: 9:30 A.M. CST
    Connecting Flight: UA1779 to Sea-Tac
    More Information: First time going to PAX. Would love to hang out or play card games with anyone else that's going.

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    SutibunRiSutibunRi Montreal, Quebec, CanadaRegistered User regular
    Airport: Vancouver (YVR)
    Date: Thursday, September 1
    Arrival: 11:07am PDT
    Departure: 2:05pm PDT
    Connecting Flight: Air Canada 8097

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