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[No Man's Sky] this is now the old thread!



  • KalnaurKalnaur I See Rain . . . Centralia, WARegistered User regular
    Olivaw wrote: »
    Kalnaur wrote: »
    So, can we use our old saves anyways? I'm not interested in ever starting from ground level; I'd already bought all the research and add-ons and was working on perfecting my ships and guns, and if that's all gone . . . I'm much less likely to play.

    If it's anything like every other update, yes, you can, but you might run into a bug or two depending on how old your save is

    I'm not sure that happens a lot, but my launch saves got kinda broke by the revamps they did to tutorialization and basebuilding updates at one point

    Yeah, this is a "from day one or two of launch" when a friend decided to buy me this game I had never heard of and while it has commonly forgotten everything I've loaded up into the database, my bases have yet to be fucked past the first few updates after bases were introduced. I've yet to hit any other bug, or at least another bug that isn't expected in a huge procedural sandbox.

    Though I'm more than a bit sure I've got some weirdness going on with the quests. :lol:

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  • The Dude With HerpesThe Dude With Herpes Lehi, UTRegistered User regular
    edited September 2021
    If you've played the save successfully over the years, you should still be fine now. Most stuff since probably atlas rises or next has just been added to the content, not replacing it like some of the earlier major patches did with a lot of the technologies and such.

    This patch is also just more. But if you've played since, at the very least, atlas rises, and have access to those questlines, then outside of maybe a handful of outdated items, you shouldn't have too much difficulty hopping back in.

    Just keep in mind that, depending on when you last played, there's a lot more, and if you're coming back to an old save vs starting from scratch, it can be kinda overwhelming, as the game already doesn't have the most amazing tutorials and system explanations.

    EDIT: Unrelated, I'm hoping the expedition starts Friday. I think the first two both started on the Fridays after patches?

    EDIT EDIT: regarding old saves, I will say though that the first few days after a NMS major patch is usually followed by a lot of smaller patches to fix bugs that pop up, so you might wait a few days at least, just in case?

    At the very least, right now, there's some issues that many people are having with anything related to freighters. Lots of people can't complete frigate expeditions, personally I can't access the freighter customization menu without it kicking me out of the menu a second after going in, and I have no-power icons on my galactic terminals, despite them not needing power anymore, and also being on freighters. :rotate:

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  • StormwatcherStormwatcher Blegh BlughRegistered User regular
    Saves work fine AND have been backed-up locally in your machine. Plus cloud saves.

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  • Zilla360Zilla360 21st Century. |She/Her| Trans* Woman In Aviators Firing A Bazooka. ⚛️Registered User regular
    having those saves be "streaming" concerns me! If my internet is out, will I not have access to my saves? Or am I misunderstanding what they mean by streaming?
    They mean streaming from your hard drive to RAM, locally.

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  • BladeXBladeX Registered User regular
    100 pages, new thread link? Also didn't realize one of my images was used on the OP and the link is broken for some reason. Will try and figure out why as they're all on my Google drive I think.

  • The Dude With HerpesThe Dude With Herpes Lehi, UTRegistered User regular
    I don't know if it was an attempt to stop people from getting free upgrades from the cargo pods, but some change in this last patch (Frontiers; the patch this morning didn't fix it) makes it so I get kicked out of any menu that gives me a selection, immediately.

    The result is that anything that rewards a multi-tool, either NPC or distress beacon, etc, immediately kicks me out without being able to select the tool, and I'm unable to get back in.

    It's the same thing that is happening on freighters, being kicked out of the customization menu, among other things. There was a note in this mornings patch that something related to freighter stuff was fixed, but it certainly isn't!

    It's really infuriating! I'll be waiting to play more until that is fixed.

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  • SurfpossumSurfpossum A nonentity trying to preserve the anonymity he so richly deserves.Registered User regular
    Very lazy new thread here, btw:

    All the OP images were rehosted on my very old site and should be fixed now I hope.

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