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A single player CCG about Sieging castles

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Hey guys and gals!

We're a small dev studio from Latvia, and for almost three years we've been working on a collectible card game "Siege".

It’s a game that’s not taking itself very seriously and is set in Circus Empire setting. „Siege” fundamentally is about building and developing your attack deck and fighting through a single player campaign in which you fight against various castles, consisting of tower, wall and shrine cards.

The development process was rough and long. Initially we wanted it to be a social network game, but the data showed that either interest in card games had decreased (due rise of some more prominent games such as HS) or that the mechanics were too hardcore and difficult to grasp for the more casual audience.


In the end we decided that we still wanted to get chance to show the game to potentially interested CCG audience, so we’ve applied for Greenlight in hopes of launching on Steam.

Here's a trailer of the game:

So in case you find this project interesting, we’d be happy for your support.
Greenlight page

If you're interested in a playable demo. Hit me a PM (@lizardgentleman) , and I'll send you a download.

A bit more about the game itself
  • It is to some extent like HS, but with a more dynamic and strategic mana channel system. There are 3 colors of mana (and 3 factions). You don’t gain mana channels automatically, you need to sacrifice a card to gain them. However, if you wish to gain additional channel, you can do so, by sacrifising two more cards. Thus it all comes down to decisions when to opt for tempo and when for card advantage.
  • In order to provide a fast-paced gameplay, each turn you draw two cards, not to run out of steam quickly.
  • There is a concrete progression of power in the game. You start out with relatively low HP and library maximum size, but progressing in campaign allows you to improve these stats.
  • Additionally you can gather resources to upgrade cards to more powerful version.
  • Finally apart from campaign, there is a special playing mode, where you can try out procedurally generated special missions that scale with your level. It’s kinda like a roguelike endless mode how to earn resources in case you wanna play something else than the campaign.

    So, yeah, we'd be happy to hear what do you think about this idea, and if you would find it interesting to play something like that.

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