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Looking for a specific PA comic

NegativeBurnNegativeBurn Registered User new member
Hello, first time posting. I've been a reader for a long time, which brings me here.

I'm looking for a specific comic from around 2005/2006 that struck me as relevant again. Tycho and Gabe commented a bit on the Family Entertainment Protection Act or FEPA during that time. This was anti-video gaming legislation introduced by then Senator - Hillary Clinton & Senator - Joe Lieberman.

I've already dredged through the archive and still can't find it. I want to use it in a power-point clip for a Pol-Sci for class.

It read something like this: "It takes a special kind of patriot to use the 1st Amendment to curtail the 2nd." Or something like this.

If anyone knows where it is I would be incredibly grateful.


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