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Android: Netrunner - FFG is jacking out



  • bobAkirafettbobAkirafett Registered User regular
    Frem wrote: »
    My preorder from FFG showed up! In a super crushed package! Containing a crushed Reign and Reverie box! But the cards are somehow totally fine!

    Under any other circumstance I'd complain to FFG or the shipping company, but I feel blessed to get these at all, haha.

    I was gonna ask if they ever did the reprint. My amazon order got canceled. I still want the expansions, but they are never going to happen now.

  • LanlaornLanlaorn Registered User regular
    My amazon order was canceled as well. I'm not surprised the cards in the crushed boxes were fine given how much empty space is in any of these FFG card game boxes lol :P

  • PMAversPMAvers Registered User regular
    edited October 2

    Oh hey, there's the announcement finally.

    I think someone asked me about it, and from what I played at GenCon, it plays super smooth.

    EDIT: Oh snap, there's a new novella coming out too, Undercity.

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  • AthenorAthenor Who needs lions when you have a battlecruiser? Registered User regular
    I loved playing it at Magnum Opus. :)

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