[World of Warcraft: Legion] Patch 7.1 out now - Return to Karazhan!



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    the highmountain sites mostly aren't that bad, at least that I've seen so far

    I did two sites and got 65 bone bits, so assuming that's roughly average (and I assume it is, based on number of bits per dig) it won't take too long to get 600. Do you get any extra for solves, or are those just a bonus this week?
    I don't feel like Arch solves have ever progressed me on any of these Archaeology grinding adventures (edit: besides one that explicitly required handing in X crated artifacts).
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    Reminder that this weeks Archy quest is a mount.
    Hoo boy, this looks like the worst one yet. At the rate I'm going this is going to take around 25 full digsites. And Highmountain's terrain is some of the shittiest in this expansion, so I worry about where some of these sites may show up.

    It's not too bad actually. I did maybe 5-6 last night, just doing a loop around Highmountain as the sites popped up. I ended just a bit over 250/600 bone fragments. Usually 2-5 per doodad, and then 15-20 per angry ghost if they spawned.
    Then you are unusually lucky or I am unusually unlucky (probably the latter given my usual WoW experiences). I did 3 dig sites last night and ended up at 78. Some of my digs got me 0 of the quest items. That was with 1 angry ghost, which I feel like I encounter rarely compared to what posters on wowhead would have me believe I should. Anyway, if I continue at my current rate, it will take me 23 dig sites.
    All the sites in Highmountain are in fairly flat areas, usually pretty close to a flightpath.
    That's a relief. The 3 I did to start weren't a bitch to get to, although I did see one pop up in that southeastern mountain area that can go fuck itself. I don't know if the site down there itself is easy to get to or not, but anytime anything pops up on my map down there I get a sad face.

    Fly to the top flight point up there it's called ironhorn Enclave. From there you can Goblin Glider to almost anywhere in highmountain

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