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Penny Arcade - PATV - First 15 – Absolute Drift

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
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imagePenny Arcade - PATV - First 15 – Absolute Drift

Gabe and Tycho play a game for 15 minutes and then judge it accordingly. This week they play Absolute Drift.

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    Brick36Brick36 Registered User new member
    This was definitely made by fans of a certain racing anime. I'd recognize that AE86

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    Brick36Brick36 Registered User new member
    Yea, it actually saws #TOFU on the bottom. That is fantastic

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    sokpupetsokpupet Registered User regular
    And the post engine swap is the world record ghost.

    I'd also be willing to bet the van in the tutorial is inspired by Sabine from Top Gear and her Nurburgring van run.

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    Finnish_LineFinnish_Line Registered User regular
    "No more going crazy on the gas."

    *immediately goes crazy on the gas*

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    CyrixdCyrixd Registered User regular
    Hoon is aussie slang for driving like a cockhead... in case anyone else is wondering.

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    orthancstoneorthancstone TexasRegistered User regular
    Hoon isn't limited to Australia. We say that down here in PAX South land too.

    PAX South 2018 - Jan 12-14!
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    DemonStaceyDemonStacey TTODewback's Daughter In love with the TaySwayRegistered User regular
    Yea Hoon is just general car slang. I'm in NJ in the US and it's still slang here.

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