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  • PoorochondriacPoorochondriac Ah, man Ah, jeezRegistered User regular
    Tube wrote: »
    People said that HBO was finished after the end of The Sopranos too.

    I thought they'd be toast after Arli$$

  • Rorshach KringleRorshach Kringle that crustache life Registered User regular
    Tube wrote: »
    People said that HBO was finished after the end of The Sopranos too.

    I thought they'd be toast after Arli$$

    dream on


    mrpakuThe GeekjkylefultonFawst
  • Lord DaveLord Dave Grief Causer Bitch Free ZoneRegistered User regular
    edited May 2019
    Who the hell is going to get that joke?
    I didnt

    Lord Dave on
  • BlankZoeBlankZoe Registered User regular
    I fell off Westworld in S2 but that trailer is pretty good and also a good change in direction

    autono-wally, erotibot300
  • HacksawHacksaw J. Duggan Esq. Wrestler at LawRegistered User regular
    They've got Marshawn Lynch in this latest season.

    Color me on board.

  • The GeekThe Geek Oh-Two Crew, Omeganaut Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Just saw this in Guacamelee 2:

    BLM - ACAB
    SleepKwoaruautono-wally, erotibot300XeddicusWACriminalDracomicronZilla360NarbusSweeney TomFawstMatevApocalyptus
  • KrathoonKrathoon Registered User regular
    Have you ever seen anything so full of splendor?

    Need to finish season 2.

  • Zilla360Zilla360 21st Century. |She/Her| Trans* Woman In Aviators Firing A Bazooka. ⚛️Registered User regular
    S3 Trailer:
    Maeve in WWII-World... And in the regular world - perhaps the non-humanoid robots are also being gifted sentience/sapience (maybe by Dolores?) from the looks of things.

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    Shazkar Shadowstorm
  • autono-wally, erotibot300autono-wally, erotibot300 love machine Registered User regular
    Amazing. Need it now.

    Shazkar ShadowstormZilla360Sweeney Tom
  • Sweeney TomSweeney Tom Registered User regular
    Yeah, these trailers so far have done a great job of regaining my interest in the show

  • FawstFawst The road to awe.Registered User regular
    Not gonna watch the new trailer from SDCC. Hell, I shouldn’t have watched the new Watchmen one; I was all in from that first teaser. But yeah, I want to go into this season knowing nothing more than what I gleaned from that first S3 trailer. Glad to hear that people are into it, though!

  • lwt1973lwt1973 King of Thieves SyndicationRegistered User regular
    "He's sulking in his tent like Achilles! It's the Iliad?...from Homer?! READ A BOOK!!" -Handy
    Al_watautono-wally, erotibot300Shazkar ShadowstormSleepshoeboxjeddyMonwynMatev
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