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Tempe/Phoenix hang out spots

JedocJedoc Justice. Mercy. Duty.That sort of thing.Registered User regular
Anyone here from Arizona? I'm going to a conference in Tempe. It starts on Monday, and the library bought me and a couple of associates airline tickets that get us there by 6:30 AM on Sunday. Do you know of any good places to kill time on a Sunday? We're looking at a 3 PM check-in time at our hotel. A coffee shop or other establishment with board games would be great, if you know of any.



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  • TNTrooperTNTrooper Registered User regular
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    Critical Threat Comic and Games. It is a pretty standard tabletop stuff + comics in the middle of Tempe with lots of good food options within walking distance.

    Edit: If you like ramen Tampopo ramen is quite good and pretty much across the street from Game Depot.

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  • JedocJedoc Justice. Mercy. Duty. That sort of thing.Registered User regular
    Sweet. We'll definitely check those out. While we're living like hobos on the streets of Tempe for ten hours. Thanks!

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