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PAX East 2017 Forum Badge

kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge CreatorLondon UKRegistered User regular
edited January 2017 in PAX East

The badge theme has been chosen and the winner is - Walking Simulator. A design has been posted on this thread, the latest version of which can be seen below. Please provide feedback as on it and modifications will be made based on comments made. Remember this is the PAX Forum badge so it belongs to all of us.



The spoiler button below is the text of the original post that explains the PAX Forum Badge:
As the ticket sales go up and the insane land grab that is booking hotels commences, it's time to trigger the PAX Forum badge thread! To those new to this concept, allow me to explain. We on these forums are little more than our comments and avatars; that is the only way we identify ourselves as individuals. This changes when we are amongst other forum members in the same place at the same time i.e. PAX. The problem with this is that there is no way to identify other forum members at PAX.

To overcome this back in 2008 I created the forum badges. These are oversized badges that are the size of a typical adult's hand and are very different to the PAX passes. They do not offer any more rights to PAX than any other attendee, but they do act as a tool to identify other members of the forum that are at PAX. The badges are fundamentally ice breakers because when you see someone wearing one, you can immediately reach out to them and say 'Oh hey! You're a forum member too!'. PAX is about the community that revolves around it and the forum badges are part of that.

This thread exists to get the community behind the badge and contribute to its design. 3 weeks prior to PAX East 2017 the design will be locked down and prints ordered. Then I shall bring all of them with me to PAX East and distribute them via the Pre PAX Dinner and the Pre PAX Board Game Night. They will then be dropped off at the BYOC desk at midday EST on Friday 10th March 2017 to collect, after you have answered a forum based question to prove that you are a forum member.

So with that out of the way, let's get on with the design choices I'm entertaining for PAX East 2017. Please let me know your thoughts and vote for each one in this thread. I shall end the voting on Sunday 20th November 2016:
  1. Install bar - having waited over an hour to player Gears of War 4 while it installed yesterday, I thought a jab at this unwelcome feature of console gaming would be fun for the forum badge.
  2. Streamer - what if the PAX Forum badge was a streamer? Well we will find out if we went for this design.
  3. Walking simulator - The PAX Forum badge will act as a guide as you make PAX East 2017 an ARG while walking around BCEC. I'm sure this will not get you arrested, no sirree.

Vote below by typing '1', '2' or '3'. Remember, those that participate in this thread get their name on the back of the badge.


kropotkin on


  • BCBarneyBCBarney Registered User regular
    Awesome! Thanks Kropotkin for doing this yet again!

    I like 1 or 3 personally.

  • InfiniteNuLLInfiniteNuLL Registered User regular
    Install or loading would be good. And thanks for doing this again!

    FF14 - Failia Zebonaiza, Behemoth Server, FC: 404 Guild Not Found
    PAX East Attendee - 2015, 2016
  • SepiothSepioth Boston, MARegistered User regular
    YAY forum badge time. Year after year I vote and get my name on one. And year after year I forget to pick it up. Hah

    I vote for 1 did not pay God yet but I have experienced the dreaded downloading/installing bar on many occasions.

    Thanks again for doing this Kropotkin.

  • robirexrobirex BostonRegistered User regular
    edited October 2016
    I think I'm too late to this party but I like the idea for 1 best.

    EDIT: Changed vote to number three.

    robirex on
  • nevermore13nevermore13 Registered User regular
    Im definitely leaning towards one, but three sounds intriguing too

  • robirexrobirex BostonRegistered User regular
    Im definitely leaning towards one, but three sounds intriguing too

    I just reread number three. That actually sounds really good. In the interest of competition, I would like to change my vote to number three.

  • Canderson1989Canderson1989 Registered User regular
    I like 1 and 3, but I will ultimately vote for #1.

  • Mercyd1403Mercyd1403 Registered User regular
    I vote for number 3, I like the idea of that one.

  • gigabraingigabrain Some guy...yknow New HampshireRegistered User regular
    The forum badge thread...PAX is truly on its way!

    My vote is for option 3


    3DS Friend Code: 3926-5491-9247
  • iltailta Registered User regular
    Yay badges! I'm for 1.

  • darksteelreaprdarksteelreapr Registered User regular
    I vote for 3 but I'm cool with 1 as well.

  • GONG-00GONG-00 Registered User regular
    Vote 3.

    Black lives matter.
    Law and Order ≠ Justice
    ACNH Island Isla Cero: DA-3082-2045-4142
    Still waiting on Dan "Man of his Word" Ryckert to eat a hat
  • eloelo That guy over there... Smoke stack central, NJRegistered User regular
    Hmm, tough choice, but I vote for #1

  • jdixon1972jdixon1972 Registered User regular
    #3 for me!!!

  • SutibunRiSutibunRi Montreal, Quebec, CanadaRegistered User regular
    3 sounds like fun.

  • ClannMorganClannMorgan Registered User regular
    #3 all the way. Thanks, @kropotkin

  • jayh0vajayh0va Registered User regular
    You're doing Lord Gaben's work kropotkin!

    Vote #3

  • Canderson1989Canderson1989 Registered User regular
    Can't help but find it funny that NO ONE selected 2 so far.

  • KaronethKaroneth Elder Scrolling Online Co-Host Lakehurst, NJRegistered User regular
    Number 1 is good with me!

  • Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan Registered User regular
    I like 1 but I wouldn't be upset with any of them.

  • melzwaymelzway Registered User regular
    #3 definitely

    (Thanks for doing this again!

  • EchoZeroEchoZero Registered User regular
    As always thanks in advance for the hardwork on this!

    #1 would be my choice, install/loading bar.

  • El FantasticoEl Fantastico Toronto, ONRegistered User regular
    I'm a fan of the idea of #3. This idea sounds particularly cool. :D

    PSN: TheArcadeBear
    Steam: TheArcadeBear

  • SinoSambaSinoSamba CaliforniaRegistered User regular
    My vote is for #3! Idea sounds like fun.

    3DS FC: 3239-2323-6239
  • A.SabotA.Sabot Boston, MaRegistered User regular
    I like 2 it seems fun! As always great work!

    Pax East 2016: BYOC [x], 3 Day Passes [x], car[x], license[x], new computer[x]
  • coflroptercoflropter Registered User regular
    #1 Please!

  • kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge Creator London UKRegistered User regular
    It would appear 3 is the run away favourite, but there is still time to vote! Remember voting closes on the 20th November 2016.


  • MarioManiacMarioManiac Registered User regular
    I vote for #3.

    "If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 mph, you're gonna see some serious shit!"
  • starNOstarstarNOstar Buffalo, NYRegistered User regular
    I like #1 !

  • LedaXILedaXI Chicago, ILRegistered User regular
    Although I too am on the waiting-for-an-install train, I vote for #3!

  • DirewolfDirewolf Boston, MARegistered User regular
    All are great, but I think I prefer #3. It speaks to the heart of the PAX Experience!
    As every year, Kropotkin, you are amazing!

  • RhileyRhiley Registered User regular

    2013 Prime Omeganaut
  • hsuhsu Registered User regular
    Tentative 3, walking simulator, but I'll reserve judgement in case the other designs look cooler.

  • GoreySailorGoreySailor Boston, MARegistered User regular

  • RenegadeTKRenegadeTK Central MassachusettsRegistered User regular
    Vote 1

  • JEFFJNHJEFFJNH Registered User new member
    Vote 3

  • justanotherstrangerjustanotherstranger Registered User regular
    I like 1 & 3

  • EL_Limon_CubanoEL_Limon_Cubano Boston, MARegistered User regular
    #3 for sure :)

  • mindflare77mindflare77 OhioRegistered User regular
    Voting 1 for sure.


    PSN/Steam: mindflare77
  • BarkBark Registered User regular
    I vote for 1! Thanks for doing this again.

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