The Real Housewives of Greyhawk (the TTRPG)

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So I'm planning on running a parody game over the course of PAXAus and was hoping to gauge if there was any interest over the forums.

The Premise
In the mystical and fantastical land of Tropestralia, in the kingdom of Clichebourne, a band of bold and heroic adventurers have returned to civilisation.
For many moons our heroes have been fighting undead hordes, slaying demons and generally spitting in the face of evil in the furthest, wildest reaches of the land but now they have returned home.
Only to find the kingdom of Clichebourne irrevocably changed.
Gone are the starving, helpless peasants, the disease, the poverty and the conflict between races. Instead, resources are plentiful, once bitter enemies are cooperating and magic is being systematically used to improve society.
In short, the land of Tropestralia no longer needs adventurers.
Our despondent and now unemployed heroes find solace at the bottom of a mug of ale in the local tavern when they spy a new invention, an enchanted mirror which broadcasts the latest events occurring throughout the land.
And they had an idea.
To bring the old excitement and thrill of the adventuring life to people across all of Tropestralia.
And thus, reality TV was born.

My ideal plan would be to run one session a day over PAX, with each session corresponding to one episode in the season of the show.

TL:DR: Do you want to play in a game where D&D* characters start a reality TV show with all the drama and silliness involved?

*I'm not actually using D&D for the game, it is merely referencing and parodying such.

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