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Athlon 64 x2 3800

solsovlysolsovly Registered User regular
edited April 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
Hey all, I built a decent overclocked Athlon 64 3000 on a 939 motherboard. I thought they were gonna stay around for a while but AM2 has taken over very quickly.

Would there be a decent speed upgrade going from a single core athlon 64 3000 to a dual core x2 3800+?

My video card is a 7800gt. I don't really wanna buy a new motherboard, ram or heatsink and would rather stick with the 939 for now unless the peformance difference is very minimal.

edit: forgot to mention the 3800 is on sale at newegg for $80.

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  • PhilodoxPhilodox Registered User regular
    edited April 2007
    You'll notice a huge smoothness improvement if you go from single->dual core. Game performance will stay pretty much the same.

    Philodox on
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  • robaalrobaal Registered User
    edited April 2007
    New games are beginning to require more CPU power (eg. STALKER) but an X2 3800+ probably won't be faster in games than a ~2,4GHz single-core.
    OTOH you should be able to overclock the X2 to 2,6GHz, so I suppose roughly equivalent to an X2 5000+?

    robaal on
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