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Newbie Alone At Pax. Any tips to have an awesome time?

popnjayepopnjaye Registered User new member
HI Everyone! Im a first timer at pax Aus writing this from the sky bus. I'm coming in by myself. Any veterans have any good advice to have the awesomest of times? I'm actually not that Much of a gamer lol, but the events and panels look awesome. This will be my first big convention so is there anything you guys think I need to know? All advice is greatly appreciated :)


  • popnjayepopnjaye Registered User new member
    Tip one, accomodation maps are really misleading. But Melbourne streets are awesomely symmetrical

    Tip two, i guess it's much better to get your badge mailed to you than stand in this line

  • popnjayepopnjaye Registered User new member
    Tip 3 don't get into the sweet roll line.

    Tip 4 watch out for falling inflatable balls

    Tip 5 being lost is ok because everyone who I ask for directions is also equally as lost

  • popnjayepopnjaye Registered User new member
    Tip 6 If you ask the main speaker for a selfie, everyone will applaud you. Just do it :)

  • fishfishmonkeyhatfishfishmonkeyhat Freelance Pin Man Newcastle, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    That's kind of the reason Mike and Jerry stopped having an open mic Q&A. ;)

  • jaydarkojaydarko Registered User regular
    : hope you had an awesome time @popnjaye !

  • DinnyDinny Registered User regular
    Hope you had a good time! How was it?

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