Twitch tv ads?

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Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I'll give it a try. I have recently been watching twitch via google chrome [version 44.0.2403.130 m (64-bit)] and have been getting ads. I use the ad blocker on the stream I watch because they are annoying, but to help the broadcaster out I usually run a second tab open that I mute,. I have talked to my cousin who also watches and he has not been getting any ads at all. I recently downgraded from up-to-date chrome to this version to try and resolve this, to no avail.

The differences possible are:

I am on TimeWarner (now Spectrum). I am running Chrome version 44.0.2403.130 m (64-bit). I recently was running Ublock Origin, but am not running Adblock Plus again.
He is on Cox Cable. He runs Chrome version 43.0.2357.132 m. He has been running Adblock Plus the whole time.

Any thoughts on this? I ask because the newer ads are very annoying because the volume will spike up very high, and I watch using headphones. Also, the problem I have seen is that the ads will randomly start playing in the middle of a game. Using an example, I watch LoL sometimes, and in the middle of a match, 2-3 ads will start playing, so it is not even only happening during downtime.

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