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Get out your notebook and No. 2 pencil, it's time to discuss [School]

NobeardNobeard North Carolina: Failed StateRegistered User regular
So let's talk about school and education. Everybody experiences it so everybody can contribute! I know we have at least one teacher here and probably a few others, so they can provide some perspective. This is naturally very broad subject, so if we need to we can make GDSTs for specific topics.

Potential Things To Discuss Here:
  • Common Core
  • Necessity of higher education for employment
  • For profit schools, specifically the closing of ITT-Tech (which I attended and got my Associates from)
  • Segregation, both intentional and unintentional
  • Plight of public schools
  • The profession of Teaching and how it is viewed and treated
  • Differences in educational systems in different cultures

Here's some rich kindling for discussion.

From our own @furbat:
furbat wrote: »
I wish I had textbooks for my students that they could take home, but I don't.
Unfortunately I doubt this is a freak occurrence. That's, uhhhhh, not very encouraging for American public schools.

Regarding segregation, here's an episode of This American Life that I found illuminating, as it presented a simple solution to the problem of poorly performing schools with primarily minority students. *WARNING* Does contain some charged language.
Ira speaks with New York Times Magazine Reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones about her years reporting on education and the various kinds of school reforms administrators have tried to close the achievement gap that never seem to work. Nikole says there's one reform that people have pretty much given up on, despite a lot of evidence that it works – school integration.
Audio: The Problem We All Live With
Transcript: The Problem We All Live With

Finally, lets put to bed that dumb little saying that "Those who can not do, teach":
Taylor Mali on "What Teachers Make"

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