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PAX Pokemon League East 2017! [Complete]

ErkenhelmErkenhelm Registered User regular
edited March 2017 in PAX East
Calling all gym leaders! Calling all gym leaders!

Do you have what it takes to be a leader in the PAX Pokemon League?

We're looking for up-and-coming trainers from around the world to don the green scarf and join the ranks of the PAX Pokemon League Leaders at PAX East 2017!

Our application process is pretty in-depth, but the full application is posted here. You will have to make an account on our personal forums to make an application, but all leader activities are done in that forum too!

Gym leaders are responsible for accepting challenges from eager champs-in-making, and awarding their personal badges to those they deem worthy.

Basically, in less romantic terms, as a gym leader, you'll be wandering the halls of PAX accepting challenges and playing a lot of Pokemon and having a lot of really excellent battles and giving out pins!

We're looking for players of all skill levels! This is NOT a Pokemon tournament, and the only requirement is that you have a copy of the newest Pokemon games and can put together a team that is unique and fun to play against. If you're thinking about applying, go for it!


0) First off, being part of the PPL requires a time commitment: you'll be playing lots of pokemon, and we have meetups on every day of PAX where swarms of challengers will be clamoring to challenge you. We really recommend you go to at least one of these meetups. The best leaders will wander the halls doing what they like but will always be up for a battle. Gym leaders have battled in the Expo Halls, while queuing, during panels, all over the place. The Pokemon action never stops! Well, it does stop, you don't have to accept challenges 24/7. But we don't want you to be so elusive that no challengers can ever find you.

1) Your gym has to have a theme, and you have to train a team of Pokemon to go with that theme! You don’t strictly have to have a full team of 6 (though most leaders do, even if they don’t use them all in every battle; sometimes it’s fun to have a team of 6 and do 3-on-3 battles!) and your team doesn’t have to be at a certain level (we use flat battles, so your pokemon will be leveled appropriately). Also, and we repeat this point because it’s important: YOUR TEAM DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SUPER COMPETITIVE OR TOURNAMENT-FOCUSED. In fact, we discourage it: gym leaders should have teams that are fun to play against, but beatable. We encourage you to build your team with Pokemon you love.

2) You MUST have passes for at least 2 days of PAX or have a very reliable way to obtain them. If you don't secure badges for at least 2 days, you can't be a gym leader! Don't make us give you the boot!

3) You're also going to be responsible for designing and ordering your badges. If you are not artistically inclined we have many people who are that will gladly give you a hand creating your badge. In the past we've gotten discounts through PureButtons, it's usually fairly inexpensive - expect to spend around 20 dollars for a set of 100, plus up to 10 dollars for shipping. You will also be responsible for having a PPL Green Scarf. Those are all handmade by one of our leaders and the cost would only include the cost of materials - we are not selling them.

4) The league involves interacting with lots of people, and a lot of people choose to go with the flow and go with their persona full-scale. We've had people cosplay as existing gym leaders, as well as people go all out and design an original persona for themselves to play. We don't require cosplay or themed outfits, but we greatly encourage it!


Click here to begin your application!

Applications will close on January 4th, 2017! Get your applications in by then if you don't want to miss out!

Erkenhelm on


  • divisiontendivisionten Registered User regular
    Ooooh. I'm a Ratchet and Clank cosplayer and I would love to do a team of aliens/robots (Magnemite, Elgyem, Cleffa/Clefairy, Klefki, etc).

  • ErkenhelmErkenhelm Registered User regular
    That sounds really cool, definitely fill out an application!

  • ErkenhelmErkenhelm Registered User regular
    Hey everyone, there's roughly 3 weeks left to get your applications in. It may seem like plenty of time, but don't wait or you might miss out! If you're not 100% sure about type/theme you can always fill out your application, save the link, and go back and fill in more later.

    So far we have a lot of themed teams and not a lot of gyms for a specific type and the type applications are a little heavy on ice and fire types. You can still definitely apply with those types, but we can only accept so many of the same so if you go with a different type it may increase your chances of being accepted as a leader.

  • ErkenhelmErkenhelm Registered User regular
    Hello again everyone! Applications for PPL East are now closed. The admins will be going through applications this weekend, so watch your email to see if you are accepted. We hope to get responses out before the weekend is over. We do have more applicants than we have spots for gym leaders so we will unfortunately have to turn away some people. It's nothing personal! We just don't have enough room for everyone and hope that if you aren't accepted as a leader that you still come by and challenge us.

  • redfield85redfield85 Registered User regular
    Question about battling. Do we bring a team of 6 and only use 3 per battle?

    Tumblr | Twitter | Twitch | Pinny Arcade Lanyard
    [3DS] 3394-3901-4002 | [Xbox/Steam] Redfield85
  • ErkenhelmErkenhelm Registered User regular
    The battle format is up to the individual leader. Most leaders do 6v6 single battles, but we do have some who do doubles or use a different number of Pokemon. We even have a few multi battle gym leaders where you partner with another challenger. Most of the time a leader will tell you ahead of time if they're not 6v6 singles, but you can just ask if they don't say anything.

  • ErkenhelmErkenhelm Registered User regular
    It's that time again! For the last several days, and each weekday going forward, more gym leaders for PAX East will be revealed on our website until you've been introduced to everyone. After all of the gym leaders we will have Elite 8 reveals, followed by our champion for this year.

    After their information has gone up on our website, you will be able to see some leaders over on our Twitch channel. You'll get to learn a little bit more about them, see a sneak peak of what their team may look like, and maybe even get a chance to battle against or with them in a multi battle or battle royal.

    As we get closer to PAX more details will go out regarding where you can find us, as well as a couple side activities you can participate in if you'd like to and meetup times where a large amount of gym leaders are guaranteed to be. All of these updates will be mentioned on our Twitter, so follow that for updates, and we will be retweeting gym leaders all PAX weekend to help you find any you would like to battle. We look forward to many great battles with all of you!

  • ErkenhelmErkenhelm Registered User regular
    For anyone interested in challenging us, we have a post on our website with meetup times/locations as well as more information on our theme and side activity.

    With the release of Sun and Moon we are bringing PAX to the Alola region! Some of our gym leaders are also Trial Captains and they're marked on the Trainer Passports. When you battle your first gym leader make sure to ask for your Passport! We have three different ones that represent the approximate difficulty of the gym leaders on them. We have gym leaders of all skill levels, so don't be afraid to challenge us even if you have never battled another person before. Once you have your Passport, find one of the leaders marked as a Trial Captain, complete their trial and have them sign your Passport. Once you complete 8 trials, head on over to our booth in the Diversity Lounge to get a raffle ticket for a chance at some cool prizes. Raffles are at 5:00 pm Friday and Saturday at our booth in the Diversity Lounge, and 7:00 pm on Sunday, after PAX in the Westin Lobby. There's also a trial at the booth if you are looking for that last one to finish.

    Meetups are at 2:00 pm Friday and Saturday and 3:00 pm on Sunday afternoon in the Hand Held Lounge. These are great opportunities to find a lot of gym leaders in one place, but you can find us all over PAX all weekend. If you're ever having trouble finding some leaders, there are usually some in the Hand Held Lounge and Diversity Lounge all day.

    Don't forget to follow our Twitter for more announcements. All of our gym leaders are now up on our website and Elite 8 and the Champ reveals will be the beginning of next week! There's also rumors of a small group of leaders who are planning something.

  • GIJoe68GIJoe68 Registered User regular
    The best time of the year! Pax Pokemon League! I'm shaking with anticipation!!!!!!

  • ErkenhelmErkenhelm Registered User regular
    GIJoe68 wrote: »
    The best time of the year! Pax Pokemon League! I'm shaking with anticipation!!!!!!

    That means that whoever you're battling has a move that's super effective against you :D

  • ErkenhelmErkenhelm Registered User regular
    Hey everyone, on behalf of all of the gym leaders for this year I want to thank everyone who challenged us. We had an amazing time and hope that you did to. There's always room for improvement and we would like your help so we can be even better next year. If you have a couple minutes we would really appreciate if you took the time to answer our survey:

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