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No Point In Giving Me Advice, Why Can't You Just [Let It Die]



  • StupidStupid Whine Country, CARegistered User regular
    Well, my weekend plans were interrupted by a friend "borrowing"' my PS4 (with permission of course) and playing Let It Die for about six hours. I did manage to finish upgrading my Longsword to +4 but I'm still having trouble with the timing on attacks with that thing. The long-ish pause between the third and fourth swing is uncomfortable, but the extra range is really REALLY nice!!

    Found one stamp on F14, so I only need three more to finish the 11-19 set.

    Also found the travelling merchant and saw the prices for the Knight's set. 60k each for the chest and helm!! I'm trying to convince myself that it's worth my time to grind killcoins and then find the shop again, but I'm not sure yet. I'm betting it will be in the long run; but there are other games calling too!

    Didn't take on Jackson (yet).

    Closed out the weekend running raids for about three hours until I had the 216k SLPithim to queue my bank/tank upgrades. 11 hours to complete, so I went to bed. I'm hoping I'll see at least 80k in fight rewards when I log in tonight.

  • StupidStupid Whine Country, CARegistered User regular
    So, the level 20/50 upgrade for the bank/tank literally doubled the hitpoints of those resources from 7k-ish to north of 14k. I don't think that'll completely stop raiders, but it'll certainly eat through a few percent of a weapon. My fully upgraded L20 fists hit other player's bank/tank for about 300-ish per swipe. Assuming others use the same strategy, that'll take around 40 to 45 swings (with fists) to break through 14k hitpoints. Even if it's one swing per second, that's going to be 80 to 90 seconds - about half of the total raid time limit! - just to get through the bank/tank hitpoint totals. I haven't been raided since I upgraded, so it'll be interesting to see how that works.

    I finally pushed through to F20 over the weekend. I made a grievous error in starting the run with only two weapons, both of which were low on durability. Of course, the game "knew" this and I only saw like two weapons drop in the entire four-floor run. I had to punch my way through the last three floors. Luckily, I did get a sniper rifle drop relatively early on, and was able to snipe the haters/hunters without having have a punch-out with them.

    Capped the weekend by finishing off Jackson. It was not a pretty fight and I actually ran out of time in the 15 minute shareplay queue! I had him down to the last hit and then ran out of Transparagus. And (of course) I had neglected to bring any sort of ranged weapon at all. So, yeah. That went well. I suppose it could have gone a lot worse though.

    The new area has a very different feel than the lower floors. It's kinda fun approaching unknown stuff again!

  • Corporal CarlCorporal Carl Registered User regular
    edited March 2017
    Well done on beating Jin-DieJackson :biggrin:

    And yes, the new floors feel very different.

    You will be doing a LOT of F21 Azami - F22 Kawabe (trap area) for the black metal farming...
    You'll be very afraid of Fire Sword wielding bastards...

    F22 Kawabe trap, I always do as follows (using the fencing saber):
    Open the chest, pick up the stuff, turn 90 degrees to the left, jump up the hay bale ledge (where the screamer drops) and by that time the bone tubers will hop on the ledge, and you can fell them all three with one or two saber stabs (because of the electric shock effect).

    Enjoy the new area, and prepare to die quite a bit :razz:

    Corporal Carl on
    PSN (PS4-Europe): Carolus-Billius
    My Overwatch stats
  • FreiFrei sauntering downwards Registered User regular
    edited March 2017

    Though only her second, Let it Die is probably my favorite of hers. I prefer the arrangement on the Canadian release.

    edit: this isn't a music thread

    Frei on
    All persons, living and dead, are purely coincidental.
  • ReynoldsReynolds Raving Rabbit Registered User regular
    Frei wrote: »
    edit: this isn't a music thread

    It isn't?

    It's by far my favorite part of the game.

  • Corporal CarlCorporal Carl Registered User regular
    Apparently the new event fter the maintenance will be Yorstuyama Chargers again, but this time on floors 22-29 where they will have blueprints for a Sniper Camo suit, and a new weapon: the Rocket Launcher...

    That might just distract me from other games (there's way too many games around this time...)

    PSN (PS4-Europe): Carolus-Billius
    My Overwatch stats
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