Help setting up an Echo Dot for my Family.

I'm prepping an echo Dot to give to my parents, but am having some problems. I signed up to I heart radio, flagged a favorite radio station, and said "Alexa, play I heart Radio" It asked me what station, and i said 105.7, it echoed the station number back to me...then nothing. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Also, I'm thinking of just putting amazon Music unlimited for echo on it and paying for a few months...If i did this would it be as simple as saying "Play some Elvis" or "Play some 70's rock music" to get a random selection or do my parents have to get online, create a favorites list etc and be specific about what they want to play from it?

Any other suggestions of things to install you think they might use (I'm trying to find things that they would actively want to use it for instead of forgetting about the dot completely in the corner)

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    Working parents have one, and I know they have the Jeopardy! skill enabled on it and like using that. They also have a couple of "IoT" outlets that they use to turn a couple of lights on and off -- but maybe that could end up being too much troubleshooting trouble. I can ask them if there's anything else they use.

    Yea, Amazon music generally works that way. I have my Prime account associated with it and honestly the more generic music request the better -- it can be a little problematic when you're looking for something specific.

    As for the radio station thing, I've never used iHeartRadio with it, we have been having an issue recently where ours just flat out refuses to play certain Spotify playlists even when it appears like it should be working. Not sure if a bug got introduced recently etc, haven't had time to look into it...

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