PAX East veterans - can you help me identify this thing please?

AutumnIgnitedAutumnIgnited Registered User new member
Hi everyone -

I'm a complete newb and this year will be my first PAX, but my girlfriend has been going for ages and is very diligent about collecting swag. She has mentioned several times that she is missing one scarf and has scoured the Internet for it for years. I confirmed with a buddy and got a picture of the correct scarf, but I have no idea what year it is from? Can anyone who has been attending PAX East for a few years take a look and see if you can tell me? I don't know how else to search and I really want to make her Christmas special.


Any help would be deeply appreciated.

[I'm sorry if this goes against any of the posted rules - I'm not trying to solicit, I just need to be less of an ignorant loser so I can start looking around on my own (But please do remove if this violates any terms and sorry for the inconvenience)].

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
- Autumn


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    jforjamtasticjforjamtastic Registered User regular
    Judging from the Logo, I'd guess this is probably the 2010 scarf. Unfortunately that would make it the first Pax East, and probably the rarest of the scarves.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I would agree that it is the 2010 scarf, the rarest scarf of all.

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    AutumnIgnitedAutumnIgnited Registered User new member
    I was afraid of that - but thank you for getting me started!

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    klzklz Registered User regular
    Sadly, I neglected to pick one up that year, and they were all gone fast. I believe it sold out by early Sat that year. I recall nobody had a clue they would be so popular until then.

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