I'm not queuing that long to play [Planet Coaster]. (Possibly nsf56k).

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What is Planet Coaster?
Planet Coaster is a strategy simulation "tycoon" game. It is made by Frontier Developments, the creators of Elite and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. It is also very, very fun.

Okay, that's nice. But what do I do?
You are in charge of building and running a theme park. This can be done one of three ways:
  • Career Mode - 12 scenarios with 3 levels of success. They range from very easy to moderately difficult. Possibly more coming in future updates.
  • Challenge Mode - You start with blank park, limited funds and research, but no objectives to complete. Build your park as best you can while keeping it in the black.
  • Sandbox Mode - No money. No research. No limits. You have all the tools at your disposal right from the start. Go wild.

There are dozens of types of rides and coasters. And hundreds (if not thousands, I haven't counted) individual pieces of scenery you can place to create almost anything. And yeah, I do mean anything.

You can be realistic.

You can be stylized.

You can be silly.

Or you can go absolutely insane. (Seriously, this is worth seeing.)
For extra wow factor, please note the following - There is no base egyptian theming in the game.

So Penny Arcade, what kind of park will you build?

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