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New Atlus Persona Team Project: 'Re Fantasy'

cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm RegentBears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
Supposedly Hashino's started a new team called Studio Zero, and this is the upcoming project that resulted:


He'll be directing, Soejima's doing the art, Meguro's doing the music. That's all that's known for now.



  • DracomicronDracomicron Registered User regular
    ...I'm listening...

  • PolaritiePolaritie Sleepy Registered User regular
    I think you've posted the entirety of the project so far. Aren't they supposed to just be hiring for their new team at this point? It's sounding like this is only just getting out of planning.

    A little early to be announcing it really.

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  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    Atlus once posted an image of five chairs and some white text and had me delirious with excitement.

    This is way, way better than that.

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  • LD50LD50 Registered User regular
    Where is the shirtless guy in the corner's other leg?

  • BursarBursar Hee Noooo! PDX areaRegistered User regular
    LD50 wrote: »
    Where is the shirtless guy in the corner's other leg?

    He's wearing brown pants, and has an armored leg up on the bench.

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  • ReynoldsReynolds Gone Fishin'Registered User regular
    edited December 2016

    “So what does that mean if Persona goes into fantasy? It means NieR would die.”


    “If it were to die, that would be no good, and we need to find a way to survive, so I figured that if Persona comes to the fantasy area, then we should just go down there. So I thought we might as well just make NieR into a school setting, or something.”

    “But when I spoke to Atlus about that, they said that the fantasy RPG project will be made as a fantasy RPG, but they will also keep making Persona games. So, if you’re wondering what will come of this, that means that NieR has nowhere to run and will die either way.”

    “What I want to tell you guys about Atlus’ new fantasy RPG project—I want you to reconsider it. I strongly want to ask you guys this. And to you Atlus fans, I want you to give up on the new fantasy RPG project. That’s what I’m thinking.”

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