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Who do I contact to ask if they could use some of my sega games(for the game room?)

OramiOrami Registered User regular
I have a bunch of old sega games and a working console. Who would I contact to let people use my old games in the console room? I would expect them back of course, but hell there is nothing like playing some of the classics right? Or maybe they don't need any of them I don't know...


  • LBD_NytetraynLBD_Nytetrayn TorontoRegistered User regular
    Is this about PAX? If so, might want to look around here first.

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  • OramiOrami Registered User regular
    Sends me back to the main page?

  • OramiOrami Registered User regular
    Nevermind looks like I thought this was a sub-forum and it isn't. I gotcha.

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