San Antonio Indies - Local Booth and Panel

AerikanAerikan Game Design ManagerWellington NZRegistered User regular
Hey Paxonauts. If anyone is local and wants to get more involved, is out of town and wants some local connections, or otherwise is interested, PAX South has kindly collaborated with local indies, and this year there will be a booth and panel focused on local game devs.

Come to the San Antonio Game Devs booth (exhibit hall number TBD) to play games from local devs and learn about local educational programs, studios, groups, and more. Plus I and others are great for food and drink and fun recommendations.

We also have a panel, Game Dev in SA, at 2pm on Sunday about getting involved in the local scene.

More info to come on if we'll do another game night, etc. Feel free to message me for any local scene questions!


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    ahstoddardahstoddard President-kidnapping Ninja Houston-ishRegistered User regular
    That's a pretty cool thing to have at the con.

    I'll certainly be stopping by.


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    AerikanAerikan Game Design Manager Wellington NZRegistered User regular
    Great to hear! Mostly videogames at our booth but some mix - VR, schools with game design programs, etc. come by!

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