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Hope i titled this thread correctly..i'm planning to use this as a kind of art blog/ doodle pad? if that's not right just let me know!
I joined the forum awhile ago but i don't think i got around to posting art before now (children and a job kept me off the internet for awhile) so i'll kick this doodle thread off with my latest which just so happens to be me as a member of the thornwatch!


Any and all critiques are not only welcome but very much appreciated!

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    Welcome! Looks pretty good overall, so I just have some nitpicky concerns.

    -The thumb on the sword hand seems to be too sharply bent, and the articulation of the joints there have been a little over-simplified. You may want to take a photo of you making a fist in that position to work out the positioning.

    -The cloth draping down in between the legs is a little confusing, because the bottom outline indicates that the cloth is falling somewhat evenly, resulting in vertical folds like a curtain, where above near the belt, the folds are sagging in between two points of tension, resulting in a "diaper fold". Take a gander at this tutorial about this kind of fold here: http://helpfulharrie.tumblr.com/post/39573276584/eyecager-fabric-folds-tutorial-by-erik-gist-who .
    Notice the difference in how this kind of fold differs at the bottom from a curtain fold- higher on the ends than the middle, more folds downward from the tension points, and more sagged near the middle. While I don't think this picture needs as deep of a sag, and therefore as pronounced folding as in that particular example, it should give you some ideas of how to approach the folding pattern here.

    -You may want to have an slight indication of the upper forearm muscles- not to make the figure more anatomical, but really as a way to help with the sense of foreshortening. You have pretty good foreshortening elsewhere, but indicating the bicep without the forearm muscles can have the effect of confusing the read of the form there- is the bicep ahead of the forearm, or the opposite? If you have an arm coming towards the viewer, you want your linework to indicate that the forearm is in front of the upper arm. The way the top of that bracer overlaps the forearm gives a firm indication of which form is in front of which- I'm suggesting the same principle with the forearm muscles to achieve the same thing.

    -If possible, I would try to inject more of a sense of volumetric form into the hair and beard. While the outlines and parallel 'hair' lines can get you to a certain point of making hair readable as 'hair', the approach with eventually work against you, flattening the picture out.
    Look at how Tracer's hair is modelled here- big shapes demonstrating overlap and broad shading of the form- there's very little here that indicates individual 'hairs', because usually that kind of thing is unnecessary once the forms are made clear. This is very stylized of course, but the principle remains in even the most realistic artwork.
    Now, the overall outline shapes of what you have are pretty good, and you could probably it up into discrete forms fairly easily- your sense of form seems pretty soild elsewhere, so I don't doubt that you will be able apply the same principles here. :^:

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    barcsbarcs ireland Registered User regular
    angel_of_bacon- Wow! Thank you for taking the time to give me such great feed back! really appreciated and some fantastic points, especially for the hair and beard! I'll be finishing this up in the next few days so i'll post it up then where (hopefully) i'll have taken on board all of your suggestions! Again, thank you for taking the time and for such a great welcome to the boards!

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    Glad to help! :)

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