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[Camp Comic] Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - Lightswitch



  • WaxxyOneWaxxyOne Registered User regular
    The feels... are too much.... to handle!

    Well done on a superbly written and told backstory for Brian, and the most wonderful use of Suddenly Voiced. Bravo!

  • Talyn RahlTalyn Rahl Registered User regular
    I was not ready for that... Not even a tiny bit :'(:'(

    Superbly done Katie, just brilliant.

  • ReJamReJam Registered User new member
    I was at work.,, (I work in a warehouse. It's full of manly types.) I was eating lunch, I was going through Piperka, reading my comics on my off time and then I came upon this... and I started to cry.

    Luckily no one was there at the time. But thank you. Thank you for crafting something so emotionally powerful that I was unable to restrain myself from tears. This resonates with me. Thank you.

  • OverlyyObsessedOverlyyObsessed Registered User new member
    I'm not crying. You're crying. *cries*

  • judsonjudson Registered User new member
    Reminds me a bit of the Lion and the Mouse fable, and this is artfully done. (Also, I may have binge read all of these comics in the past 24 hours).

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