PAX South Live Streaming

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Hey Everyone!

Are we all excited for South? I am :biggrin:

Did you know PAX has a live stream it will be running during the show? I'm sure you probably did at this point since we keep telling you about it :3

For this show we will be running 2 streams. All times listed are CTS (UTC−6:00).

For the PAX channel we will be running all content shown in the Main Theater. The channel is at Twitch.tv/pax link and you can find the schedule Here.

For the PAX2 channel we will be running all content shown in the Falcon theater. Falcon can be found at Twitch.tv/pax2 link Falcon's schedule can be found Here.

I am especially excited for Acquisitions Inc which will be at PAX South for the first time! It will also be streamed in Main Theater at 2pm on Saturday.

Please note, we will only be showing content from these two theaters. If you were looking for something from one of the other theaters, they will not be shown through us this weekend. Sorry about that :(

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