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[Camp Comic] Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - Campfire Stories # 11

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
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image[Camp Comic] Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - Campfire Stories # 11

Campfire Stories # 11

Campfire Stories # 11

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  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    And you know what? It's true what they say. We all float down here, and you will, too.

  • XastionXastion Registered User regular
    I love the second to last clown. It's the perfect combination of incredibly creepy and funny! Made me giggle because I can picture this super excited voice checking in on the scared kids and just not getting the phobia, at all.

  • Ilze123Ilze123 Registered User regular
    "everything floats down here"

  • BaronbrianBaronbrian Registered User regular
    I feel bad for the last clown. Just wanted to clown around. Bring a little joy to someone. Not cause life long trauma.

  • v2miccav2micca Registered User regular
    Either we are missing part of the story, or that particularly councilor has to rank as one of the least self-aware individuals of all time. Seriously, a couple of your charges have a severe clown-phobia and you go to check on them in complete clown make-up?

  • metfanscmetfansc Registered User regular
    Sure it was his "friends" that had hysterics and he was just there to calm them down. Well if your "friend" has a fear of clowns that is quite understandable.

  • Peter RoganPeter Rogan Registered User regular
    Great stuff. Reads like vintage Max Shulman.

  • Mr_HarkiriMr_Harkiri Registered User new member
    Hello this is the writer speaking!

    V2MICCA you are somewhat correct. The "Clown Free Area" Was just at the back of this giant hall that the thing was taking place in, and the two Clown-phobic Friends didn't say anything about their clown hatred until the Councillors started talking about the Clown event for that day. the Clown-ciller that came to check on them didn't know about their phobia either until she got right up close and personal, either.

    Also i gotta say, i completely forgot to post a description of myself but Kate got 15 year old me spot on!

  • FireballDragonFireballDragon Registered User regular
    Man, I absolutely hate clowns.

  • Christian LeBlancChristian LeBlanc Registered User regular
    Great stuff, MR_HARKIRI :D

  • dwtdwt Registered User regular
    Great work drawing the car with the steering wheel on the correct side!

  • UnwieldyUnwieldy Registered User regular
    Found the hidden clowns.

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    Is anyone else having Tony Robbins nightmares now?

  • GedGed Registered User regular
    Tony Robbins.... scarier than clowns?

  • CansinoDXCansinoDX Registered User new member
    I just registered here so I coud say that I don't know who Tony Robbins is.

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    edited February 2017
    CansinoDX wrote: »
    I just registered here so I coud say that I don't know who Tony Robbins is.

    He's a motivational speaker, famous for infomercials and his books: Unlimited Power, Unleash the Power Within and Awaken the Giant Within.

    His big thing is the hot coal walking. It's supposed to represent that if you can walk through fire, you can do anything in life.
    In 2016, several people were burned from attempting it at one of his seminars and required medical attention. So, I guess it is an apt representation of life.

    briguy on
  • CandlewhisperCandlewhisper Registered User regular
    While I'm sure that most of us are "meh" about clowns, I do sometimes wonder if a greater proportion of people in the world are clown phobic than the proportion of people who actively think clowns are funny and worthwhile.

    That is to say, I have a sneaking suspicion that across any given population, clowns cause more fear than joy.

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