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'Programming' puzzle game: Mind-Machine Interface

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
Mind-Machine Interface is a 'programming' puzzle game where you write a program that transform ugly inputs into pretty outputs. Puzzles are hard and open ended, in the spirit of Zachtronics games, which served as a great inspiration for this game.

You create a specific behaviour using functional blocks and wires. The programming part is figurative, since you don´t need any programming knowledge to complete the game. You work with numbers and pixels. Some times you have so duplicate an image, create a bouncing ball program, path finding algorithm, repair a corrupt image, etc.

Everything is set in a futuristic environment and you are an engineer seeking for a job, so you must pass this field aptitude test to qualify.

Here is the greenlight page for more information, videos, images and a playable demo:

Video of the game in action! :
Twiter for news:

Images of the game:

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