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following the rules...

futilityfutility Registered User, ClubPA regular
edited September 2004 in PAX Archive
I just want to say... and it irked me when I saw it... and I know it's late in my saying this but... I totally saw some guy cheating. At the nvidia booth. He was playing doom and had the soul cube when the lost souls first appear.

futility on


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    BogeyBogey I'm back, baby! Santa Monica, CAModerator mod
    edited September 2004
    You should have said something then and brought it to an official's attention.

    Then comes the tarring and feathering.

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    LegacyLegacy Stuck Somewhere In Cyberspace The Grid(Seattle)Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited September 2004
    He could've been playing on Nightmare. Or whatever is the highest difficulty...

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    Can we get the chemicals in. 'Cause anything's better than this.
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    graizurgraizur __BANNED USERS regular
    edited September 2004
    I thought this thread was about following the Maydenbouer rules. You know, like

    Please to do not wander aimlessly around our facility trying to find chinks in the armor.

    Please to do not pick the lock to our roof so you can get a picture of the lines of geeks with a birds eye view.

    Please do not mug, tie up and impersenate a Maydenbouer employee in order to gain acces to cordened off areas.

    But it's not.

    graizur on
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