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knitdan's super happy natural goodtime family [chat]



  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    Honk wrote: »
    Spoilers I murdered Mordin.

    He wasn't as great as everyone seems to think, and he had his back toward me.

    Crucial question: Was Wrex alive at the time?

  • nexuscrawlernexuscrawler Registered User regular
    In 37 states in the US "He had his back to me" is justifiable homicide

  • Sir LandsharkSir Landshark resting shark face Registered User regular
    In 37 states in the US "He had his back to me" is justifiable homicide

    turn around nexus

    Please consider the environment before printing this post.
  • descdesc bare man are locked in Registered User regular
    In 37 states in the US "He had his back to me" is justifiable homicide

    Castle doctrine

    Or I was afraid for my life

    Or whatever

  • HenroidHenroid Radio Demon Internet HellRegistered User regular
    Centrism is just the cowardly way to be a bigot w/o being explicit about it.
    American politics isn't 4D chess, it's just if you give a shit about other people or not.
    wanderingSixFeralRMS OceanicDoodmanncB557jungleroomxRedTide
  • ThomamelasThomamelas Only one man can kill this many Russians. Bring his guitar to me! Registered User regular
    @mazzyx, @Elldren

    So ISIS has been using small cheap drones to drop various 40mm rounds as bombs. This isn't news. But the Air Force got tired of it, so they did some SIGNIT to follow the drones back to the trucks launching and recovering them. Then they followed the trucks back to locations where they were recharging and rearming them. Then gave this info the Iraqi Air Force who have returned the favor apparently. But with bigger bombs.

    PreacherTTODewbackmatt has a problemHavelock2.0descMazzyxElldren
  • GethGeth Legion Perseus VeilRegistered User, Moderator, Penny Arcade Staff, Vanilla Staff vanilla
    This thread is no longer active, and will be recycled.
    On average, this thread was speeding through space at warp 4.3

    @kedinik will create the new thread
    @nexuscrawler is backup

  • ElkiElki get busy Moderator, ClubPA mod
    You know, I never bothered to learn the difference between knitdan and kedinik.


    FeralcB557bowenTL DRChanuskedinik
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