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Error accessing file

valen0093valen0093 San JoseRegistered User new member

Please help me out.
Microsoft PowerPoint .pptx presentation error message: There was an error accessing file. I could open it before.

Is there something I can do myself to repair PowerPoint? I have tried to re-install Office...the same error occures


  • TofystedethTofystedeth Registered User regular
    Does the presentation contain any embedded images, video, or sound files that might have been moved?

  • valen0093valen0093 San JoseRegistered User new member
    Yes. My presentation contains one sound file

  • TofystedethTofystedeth Registered User regular
    My guess is something happened to that file. Might have been renamed, moved, on a removable device that got mapped to a different drive letter when you rebooted etc.

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