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Will Alcohol Sales Be Allowed at BCEC This Year?

smantz0rZsmantz0rZ BostonRegistered User regular
Last year PAX was kind of ruined for a lot of developers because Penny Arcade decided to dictate to BCEC that no alcohol sales would be allowed on premises.

This really ruined it for a lot of us devs because A) beer is great, B) We're standing around all day without food and speaking with tons and tons of people, C) We're a heavy drinking crowd, D) All of the above.

Since Penny Arcade made no announcement about this that we could find, and no one we spoke with at BCEC or Penny Arcade could provide us with any answers, we're wondering if this is going to be policy going forward.

I'm hoping I haven't missed any announcements on this and apologies if this is redundant. Could anyone please provide some clarity?


  • cpc197ccpc197c Registered User regular
    edited March 2017
    (to the original question) No. This is answered somewhere in the general questions thread if I remember correctly.

    cpc197c on
  • smantz0rZsmantz0rZ BostonRegistered User regular
    cpc197c wrote: »

    Thank you. No explanation. No customer-facing information. Very disappointing. May not be worth exhibiting in the future.

  • cpc197ccpc197c Registered User regular
    I was reading something last year about this. Something along the lines of some PAX attendees either causing issues or giving alcohol to minors. As always, the few ruin a good thing for the many. The first year I went to the bar at least once :D.

    I wouldn't write off the whole thing though. There are some good bars a few streets down by the waterfront, and the Harpoon Brewery is an awesome place to go (though they are not open too late). Also, there is a bar in the hotel attached.

  • macrogeekmacrogeek Registered User regular
    The lobby bar and MJ O'Connor at the Westin will be serving as usual. You'll have to cross the skybridge.
    This only affects food court beer.

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