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Tough Coded: Live game looking for testers (bbcode inside)

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
Hey guys. I love this forum. I want to present a videogame I'm working on. I'll first do an explanation of what it is:


Tough Coded: Live is a LIVE shmup, designed by a game master (dungeon master?) LIVE online. Meaning that all waves, missions and challenges are decided LIVE by the GM (Little Nando). Here are videos for it.

Up until now, all shows were physical. Meaning, you had to go to an actual live event to play the game (like SXSW, or GDC parties at San Francisco, or any videogame party). The game travelled the world like this, from Buenos Aires to San Francisco to Austin to Copenhagen to Mexico to Tokyo.

Now, finally the first version of the ACTUAL ONLINE game is ready.

What this means is that whenever I'm doing a show in, say, Tokyo, or Austin, you'll be able to play whatever I'm designing LIVE form the comfort of your homes.

The first season for Tough Coded is running as we speak. First show is done, next show is Wednesday 8th March 2017, at 2pm PST. You are ALL invited to play and provide some feedback!

In order to play you need to sign up at the official site:
The official SEASON site is here, showing current highscores and rules and news:

Here you can also watch a stream of the past first game:

First Season consists of 3 shows. First show is done, second show is Wednesday 8th 2pm PST and the third show will happen at the TWITCH STAGE at SXSW, Austin Texas, the 15th 4.30pm PST streamed by Twitch official site. :)

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