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Last question I'll ask about pregnancy! Please answer

radicalaannaaradicalaannaa Registered User regular
Okay start off and tell you what happened. About 1 month ago, to be exact it was February 4th and my boyfriend and I had sex. He wore a condom(he never goes near my vagina without protection) and the condom had no holes, no tears, and no breakage. He also didn't cum in the condom. He pulled out 20 sexounds before he actually did. February 4th was the day I finished my period. We only had sex for about 4 minutes. I'm honestly really scared if pre cum could have leaked out of the condom from the bottom. But see his penis was facing downwards so i don't see how it could of leaked from the bottom. Around February 23rd I got some bleeding, i'm not sure it was my period but i'll explain how it was, it was really red(like fresh blood), contained a few clots, pretty heavy, and it lasted 5 days. I don't know if it was implantation bleeding or my period. The symptoms that I have right now are, constipation(i've had it since december and i've seen a doctor about it), and my dischargeis like egg white and there a lot of it. my period is due in 10 days accordingly to my app. Can a few of you please tell me if it's possible that I could've gotten pregnant? I took a pregnancy test on february 23rd when my period started and it was negative and it took last then 15 sexounds to show up. Please someone give me advice.


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    You've had four fucking threads about the same thing. Stop making new threads. Post in the existing one.

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