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First time and disappointed

gamegrlgamegrl Registered User new member
So I knew there was going to be a lot of people, but I wasn't prepared for 1-2 hour wait time to try a game. I walked out of Pax only trying 6 games in an 8 hour time span. Now did I think it was neat? Yes, but will definitely try a different day than Saturday next year to see if I can get the true experience. I just couldn't believe lines were capped at 10:15 and they just got longer and worse as the day went on. Maybe I approached it wrong as a first timer? Any advice for next time would be much abliged. Did PAX sell too many Saturday tickets?


  • TeholdTehold Registered User new member
    edited March 2017
    PAX is so much more than just the AAA games coming out from the large developers. There are MANY many great indie titles that you can play with almost no wait time. Then you have panels that you can go to when you need a break from the show floor. After the show floor closes panels keep going, tournaments keep going, and after parties start happening.

    PAX really is what you make of it. If you only want to see AAA titles and you don't want to wait in lines PAX may not be the right con to go to for you.

    Tehold on
  • PainePaine Registered User regular
    There is no world where you can play AAA games at a con without long waits, it is simply supply and demand. If that's worth it to you, PAX offers that. But there are so many other activities that aren't the AAA expo booths.

  • abdoooooabdooooo Registered User regular
    I've come to really enjoy some of the panels and console free play. The indie games are great too. Don't expect too much out of the big companies unless you're willing to burn your time waiting all day.

  • nevermore13nevermore13 Registered User regular
    The AAA will always have huge lines. I would recommend if your want to play those maybe pick onew. I personally skip those and focus on indie tabletop and interacting with others, but too each their own

  • zenprimezenprime That Cat that ain't a Cat T-Town, WARegistered User regular
    Here are some things I've learned for an effective expo hall experience:
    • Go in with a plan - That means having a general idea of what you 1. Need to see 2. Want to see. 3. Would be cool to see. As well as a general idea of where it is.
    • If you're going to see anything AAA and/or that has serious buzz do it first thing.
    • Arriving 2-3 hours before the expo hall opens can cut down a single AAA wait time.
    • Long lines don't always equal long waits. - Multiple demo stations, often on a staggered progression can chew through a long line quickly
    • Know when to cut your losses - If you think to yourself "I should be checking out that empty indie booth" go do it.
    • Don't eat lunch at lunch time. If you haven't carted something in, go eat at approx 11:30am or 1:30 ~ 2:00pm. Should take less time for your food, and more people are away during those times.
    • Keep your ears open - A lot of games are multiplayer and sometimes a group needs an extra person, I jumped approx 1.5 lines a day(sometimes skipping as much as a 15min wait) this weekend by being that single person PAX-goer.
    • Speak up! Booth staff/devs can often tell you how long a wait will be, if the show demo is available online or answer questions. (Chatting up the devs, b/c I was interested has gotten me skipped ahead/extra swag in the past)
    • Ask other folks what's good with no line. There are a lot of undiscovered gems that go un-swamped until people start posting about them.
    • Don't be a slave to swag.

    I've been going to West for years, this was my first East, but largely 95% the same experience.

    PAXing till I Plotz
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  • FunnelKing27FunnelKing27 Registered User regular
    I did the same thing my first pax 5 years ago but it was not as bad because exibitors were not doing 20 - 30 min demo's.( maybe they were but it didnt seem like it to me)That is the real problem. Now with that said and the current times in mind, my advice would be to pick 2-3 AAA games per day to try. You will have some time to do other things as well. I like to hit up a little of everything. The console free play is always great. Indie games like somebody else said were great this year. They had plenty of VR space in the back with very little wait. Try some new things like a board game or something you have never heard of. The Twitch Prime lounge was awesome. Personally I think 90% of the panels are atrocious. Need more dev and actual game panels, but I do attend 1-2 every year. They also have jackbox and rockband if your feeling foggy lol. First year is very overwheling. I could just sit at PAX all weekend and not do anything and I will still be happy just from all the scenery, good vibes, and good people.

  • SepiothSepioth Boston, MARegistered User regular
    I skip most AAA titles at each PAX.

    There is nothing at them that one can't usually see on a Youtube video. Granted it's not hands on but at least I can watch some gameplay and trailers with ease when I want. I also just watch others play hehe.

    These companies really need to start limiting game times to VERY SMALL trials. Put up timers or design timed demos. Also better management of the people playing the games by the ones watching over as well. A friend and I waited to play Tekken 7 and the two in front of use just kept playing. NO ONE from Bandai/Namco was even watching over the game or the lines. I finally told them they need to go as there is a line of people here to play.

    Also I found all line management this year to be pretty bad. Blizzard was a horror show on Saturday morning. Please teach your Enforcers how to ENFORCE.....

    After going to PAX since its been in Boston I am finding it harder and harder to think about buying passes the next year. A LOT of the charm has worn off as each year is starting to become a rinse and repeat cycle.

  • tbone2177tbone2177 Registered User regular
    Quite honestly, this was my first Pax East, and I was a bit disappointed as well. I am a vet of the New York Comic Con, and while that has its issues, it felt like a better experience. First of all, the exhibit hall only open til 6pm but the con open til 12am? Why? My feeling is that cons have more vendors, which makes them money immediately, but developers only make money when the game sell, so basically they're giving out free handouts, that being games. I don't feel the panels were that great, and that has an immediate effect: big panels draw crowds out of the exhibit halls, which help with lines. Lines for food, lines for the bathroom, lines to test games, lines to BUY STUFF at the Blizzard booth. I went alone, and as such, board games weren't a big possibility for me...I know I could have signed up for a group in the arena area, but longer games go 2-3 hours, and the exhibit hall being open for such a short time, I didn't want to miss anything. I love gaming culture, but i'm more of a console player, and this DEFINITELY had a more PC gaming feel. Ultimately I had a great time, but for the money and expense, I'd rather to a more universal comic con.

  • DarkshowersDarkshowers Registered User regular
    edited March 2017
    I've been going to PAX East since the first one in 2010 and I agree the lines have just gotten longer every year and get capped out sooner. Luckily, I don't think most of these AAA games are even worth playing or buying as I play mostly older games which are much better anyways. I don't feel like I need to wait in a 4 hour line to play a game a few months before it comes out. It's just not worth it. Like others have said, I wouldn't focus on AAA games. Personally, I go to PAX to meet friends who I only see at PAX and to try out some tournaments, go to a few parties if possible and panels that are interesting to me. I only went a day this year so perhaps that worked better for me and didn't bother to wait in lines.

    Darkshowers on
  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    hey folks! Please consolidate feedback of the show to here:


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