[Path of Exile]Bestiary League begins on March 2nd



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    surrealitychecksurrealitycheck lonely, but not unloved dreaming of faulty keys and latchesRegistered User regular
    it all sounds fairly spicy to me except i think that they made a huge mistake by putting local ignite buffs on fire skills

    as things stand we're still sitting on flameblast being by far the best spell source for ignites, and this does nothing to make attack based ignite builds (outside burning arrow) any better - because attacks struggle to reach the base damage levels of even the buffed fireball, let alone flameblast

    and they havent said anything about dyadus, which is also infuriating because that shit is very stupid and makes it harder to balance ignites overall

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    Jubal77Jubal77 Registered User regular
    edited May 2018
    Ohhh oni goroshi IB 2.0 will be fun to try again. It worked great and should be better with the ascendancy changes and that buff. Incernate looks wonderful.

    Jubal77 on
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    themightypuckthemightypuck MontanaRegistered User regular
    So I'm now on Harbor Bridge with my HC SSF Xbox Frostbolt Totem Hierophant. Ran up another character to get the second threshold jewel so that helped. Hardest boss so far is Doedre by a mile. I beat her with portal spam but almost died due to hitting the wrong button and unequipped my life flask rather than created portal. Act 5 Kitava isn't that bad if you know the moves. I'm guessing the Sun/Moon boss could be dangerous so I'm going to farm Harbor Bridge until I hit the XP penalty. I'm guessing I could go to 70 there (God willing). Mostly I just need better gear and I made the hard choice of taking the mana ascendency in Cruel Lab instead of the extra totem or power charges which were both very tempting. I would have taken power charges for faster clears but I don't have the regrets to swap and I doubt I'll get them. Anyway I'm in a race with another Hiero for #1. God bless the lack of players on Xbox SSF HC so a scrub like me can compete. Good times.

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    PiptheFairPiptheFair Frequently not in boats. Registered User regular
    totem hiero makes a lot of the bosses fairly easy thanks to the inherent safety of the build

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    YiliasYilias Registered User regular
    This is simultaneously incredibly shitty and also a great training simulation for Uber.


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    AbsalonAbsalon Lands of Always WinterRegistered User regular
    edited May 2018
    It's an Incursion

    Man this is cool. It seems to have elements of Breach and the Labyrinth combined.

    Absalon on
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    RiusRius Globex CEO Nobody ever says ItalyRegistered User regular
    edited May 2018
    Incursion looks awesome as hell but we really need a new thread; @mccart do you want to make the next one?

    If he doesn't respond in a couple hours, I'll start up a new one

    Edit: eeeeEEEeeEeeeeeeEEEee Vaal Blight

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    mccartmccart Registered User regular
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