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Indie Devs Play Werewolf panel host seeking any captured vid/pics

RyvvnRyvvn Registered User regular
I hosted/moderated the Indie Game Designers Modify & Play Werewolf panel which ran Saturday night at 9:30 in the Condor. If you attended, I hope you enjoyed, and if you happened to have used your phone to capture any video or pictures, I'm trying to collect as much as possible to edit together with the video one of my panelists took (you may have noticed the small camera on the floor in one of the aisles). Please get in touch if you have any video or pics, or know someone else who might, and thanks for coming to my panel; this was my third year hosting this at PAX East (I also host a parallel Mafia panel at PAX West), and I'll continue to do so for as long as PAX keeps accepting it back!



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