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Fates Worse Than Death

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Manhattan, 2080. Ruined by decades of war and global crises, the city is now home to those that can't or won't fit in elsewhere. The city is little more than an anarchy, plagued by every imaginable evil and horror, from self-reproducing serial killers to pusher gangs who hold down people and force them to use drugs.

Yet in the darkness of the city, a flame of hope smolders and grows. Homeless families are turning the wisdom from generations on the streets in to power. Good people are starting gangs for self defense, turning gang membership in to something to be proud of. Young people are using the same illegal technology that turns some people in to monsters to turn themselves in to powerful heroes.

People in the city have finally realized that nobody else is going to save them, and they are learning to save themselves.

I did a quick search and only noticed Pkmoutl talking about this game a few times. So, hopefully, I'm not recycling information.

Basically, Manhatten has been blocked off and is mostly populated by 'homeless' people. There are three classes of living, actually : street people, wells (on welfare), and indies (independently wealthy I suppose). It's the future, so there's crazy stuff like cybernetics and a serial killer that takes over people's bodies by copying his mind over theirs instead of killing them. But, there are no guns allowed, so most of the combat is up close and violent. And most street people can't even afford a computer.

The system is used for a few other games made by Vajra, and is pretty interesting. Being within arm or club reach is paid more attention than worrying about squares. There's also something to be said about having +30 or so to a combat stat at level one, even if it doesn't really work that way. ;)

You can download a free lite edition of FWTD from the website, as well as a martial arts-type game called Tibet. I haven't sat down and gone over that one, yet.

The style and feel that the rules and setting give is the big draw, really. I was attracted to it because it reminded me of a book series I had read.

I might be interested in running a game using the Spare Change edition, but adjusted to fit into that series' world and mythos. That sounds a little crazy, though, I know. So maybe Pkmoutl will reappear, since he said he always wanted to run a game of this. I only got to play one game, but I still could be willing to give a whirl as GM if nobody else is able.

So, sign up for the 'Fan Rewards' thing on the main page, and download two free games, basically. And maybe people will talk about it here, or something.

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