Wonder Woman, or How Hippolyta Got Her Groove Back

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hello friends

I have a lady who I am getting into the wonderful world of comics, and it seems she has taken a shine to the big tittied greek chick.

Now, I know DC, but my knowledge mainly lies in the Marvel spectrum of things.

That said, I would like to know of a good modern origin story

if there is one to be had

if not, what is the best introduction other than the new series?

also what are some good graphic novels and the like

thank you

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    Bloods EndBloods End Blade of Tyshalle Punch dimensionRegistered User regular
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    Rucka's entire run was pretty awesome. And I heard good things about Perez and Jimenez's runs as well.

    Also the story "The Hiketeia" was pretty good too.

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    LuxLux Registered User regular
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    This is one of the harder recommendation topics because there just doesn't seem to be a lot of great Wonder Woman material.

    In 52 week 12, Mark Waid suggests "Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals" by George Perez and "Wonder Woman: Eyes of Gorgon" by Greg Rucka, though.

    I will also second The Hiketeia, if only for the JG Jones art.

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    Ani_BAni_B Registered User regular
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    I am disappointed in the choices available, in our local comic store, there are origins available for just about every older superhero, it's just so much harder to find origins for super heroines.

    Is there an original reprint origin available? Or would no such thing exist?

    Cause there is a Spider-Woman origins, while I do apreciate the arachnid ladies of super powers, I much prefer the big busted Creek lady like shoe so eloquently said.

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    MunchMunch Registered User regular
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    As everyone else has said, anything by Greg Rucka is good. His entire run's been collected in trades that can easily be found on Amazon (heehee Amazon heehee). Start with Down to Earth, then read Bitter Rivals, Eyes of the Gorgon, Land of the Dead, and Mission's End. Avoid anything written by Allan Heinberg or Jodi Picoult, as their only saving grace is good art.

    I'd also recommend Trinity by Matt Wagner. It's a story about Wonder Woman's first meeting with Batman and Superman, and a pretty good primer on all three heroes.

    Edit: If you want reprints of her original stories, you'll unfortunately have to settle for DC's Wonder Woman Archives. They're good, solid hardbacks with fully restored coloring all kinds of jazz, but they're really expensive. Or you can go with the much more reasonably priced Showcase Presents: Wonder Woman, due out in a few months. The Showcase books are in black and white, and come in big volumes that resemble telephone books. The paper quality isn't all that great, but they're really affordable and the art's still been cleaned up to look really good

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    FencingsaxFencingsax It is difficult to get a man to understand, when his salary depends upon his not understanding GNU Terry PratchettRegistered User regular
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    Do not get any of her current run (all 8 of them in a year...) or Amazons attack.

    If Wonder Girl would be acceptable, Young Justice is pretty damn awesome.

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    Fencingsax wrote: »
    Do not get any of her current run (all 8 of them in a year...) or Amazons attack.

    If Wonder Girl would be acceptable, Young Justice is pretty damn awesome.

    I didn't think there was anything terribly wrong with the Allan Heinberg arc, aside from the fact that it was terribly late and still unfinished. Had it come out on time, before the start of JLofA like it should of, nobody would have complained. And from what I hear issue 8 (which I havent read yet) of the Picoult arc is actually pretty good, and leads right into Amazons Attack. Amazons Attack Im still undecided on, as the first issue was pretty much "here comes the Amazons, with a dash of Black Lightning" so Im reserving judgement on that (which is always perfect by the way). Plus, it's a Pfeifer and Woods story. Pfeifer and Woods.

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    BalefuegoBalefuego Registered User regular
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    I'm gonna go ahead and reccomend Gail Simone's run on WW... which won't start until towards the end of this year.

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    Daemon_AconisDaemon_Aconis Registered User regular
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    And of course there's the alternative in Alan Moore's Promethea.

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    Red or AliveRed or Alive Registered User regular
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    Promethea's really not a superhero story. Have her tackle some Birds of Prey trades. Might not have Wondy but it showcases the other big-hitter lady heroes.

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