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Toast Factory! The only acceptable food to take into the bathroom. [Android]

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin

Toast Factory! is a fast paced arcade game where you toast, butter, and slice up bread in an attempt to alleviate your boredom in the bathroom or while standing in line at the store! Yay constant electronic stimulation!

The game is 100% free with no pop-up ads! I hope you enjoy!
(If you're interested in game design, come hang out with us over in the Gamedev thread!)

Download Free on Google Play:

Game Teaser:

Game Trailer:

1) Does it have annoying ads?
A) It has ads but you never see them unless you opt-in. Never forced and always a reward for watching them.

2) Is there an iOS version coming?
A) Maybe. News as soon as I know.

3) Game website?


  • HallowedFaithHallowedFaith Call me Cloud. Registered User regular
    edited April 2017
    Update 1.0.3 is out! w/ an Easter Event for Sunday April 15th!

    - [SOCIAL] New Global Leaderboards added. High Scores are auto-submitted anonymously.
    - [UI] New Game News Ticker added.
    - [UI] Graphical changes to UI.
    - [GAME] Added Holiday content.
    - [GAME] Max speed is now slightly lower.
    - [GAME] Speed-up after losing starts slightly faster now.
    - [GAME] Added new costume.
    - [GAME] Added Love.

    Also, there is currently an iOS/iPhone release being developed! Woo! Happy Easter!

    Free on Google Play:


    HallowedFaith on
    I'm making video games. DesignBy.Cloud
  • ChasinTheTraneChasinTheTrane Registered User regular
    Looks super cute and I'm loving the tagline! I'll give it a shot if it comes to iOS!

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