Badge Sale Speculation

UnimatrixZeroUnimatrixZero Cult Leader / Cosplay PhotographerEl Paso, TXRegistered User regular
Last year the badges went up in May I believe. Is there any word if that schedule is being kept to again or if we might expect them in September as per year one?


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    Christopher HuffChristopher Huff Registered User regular
    According to the PAX spreadsheet, it was July for (2015), September for (2016), and then May for (2017). 3 day passes sold out in ~1.33 hours,3.5 days, and 165 days respectively. If you were to average them together, then you would have roughly 56 days to grab a 3 day pass before they sell out. (The variance is incredibly large, so please take this with a grain of salt.) Not a lot of data to go off of, but personally I would place my bet for July on the early side and September at the late side of things. Even if you missed out on a 3 day pass, individual day passes took months to sell out or didn't sell out at all for all 3 years so if you were just checking the PAX Forums/Reddit/Twitter occasionally you could easily get passes for all the days without signing up for updates and such.

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    ahstoddardahstoddard President-kidnapping Ninja Houston-ishRegistered User regular
    I think the tickets going up in May was an anomaly.

    I'm not sure if they will be expanding into more of the venue again this year, thus providing more tickets as has been the case. Either way, I would say there is a good chance of 3 day passes being available for at least a month.

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    PuritysanPuritysan thePuritysan San Antonio, TXRegistered User regular
    Well, it's june now... heheh..

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    Canderson1989Canderson1989 Registered User regular
    Tickets go on sale July 18th at 2PM Central.
    They just tweeted.

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